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Here you can make up your own stories, have one-on-one Role-plays, Have Group Role-plays, and do whatever you want! If you're an aspiring young writer looking for a place to get new ideas for your own stories this is the place for you! Here, when y
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 Rules for Posting~

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PostSubject: Rules for Posting~   Sun Nov 10, 2013 11:00 pm

1) Be courteous. No flaming, bashing, or being rude to other members.

2) Outside links are allowed, however, they cannot be links to inappropriate websites.

3) You are allowed to post pictures you did not make, however, the pictures must not contain any inappropriate material.

4) It is highly recommended that you do not share any personal information. While the members of this site could be your friend, we cannot promise other random people will not see it.

5) Do not spam excessively.

If we feel that you are being overly rude and/or inappropriate, you will be warned three times and then if you continue, you will be banned.
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Rules for Posting~
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